Yahoo Messenger

Due to Yahoo's decision to shut down the legacy Yahoo Messenger clients and servers, Trillian will no longer be able to connect to Yahoo Messenger after August 31st, 2016. We may investigate other methods of connecting to the Yahoo! network for a future release. Please read the below FAQ for additional information.


What exactly is happening on August 31st?
According to Yahoo, the servers that power Yahoo Messenger will be turned off on August 31st. This means that all current clients, including Trillian, will no longer be able to connect to Yahoo Messenger.
What should I do?
We recommend switching to the open and federated Trillian network whenever possible. You can share your Trillian username with your Trillian-using friends and continue chatting directly over Trillian without the need for Yahoo Messenger.
What are some of the advantages of moving to the Trillian network?
  1. Trillian's network is decentralized (anyone can run their own Trillian Server) and the protocol that powers it is open (anyone can write their own clients). In today's age of walled gardens and vendor lock-in, it's rare to find a modern service that continues to promote interoperability and decentralization. This is important: if Yahoo Messenger was decentralized then we wouldn't all be scrambling to find ways to replace it!
  2. We support true native client software (not just a web browser pretending to be native software) across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. This lets you take advantage of things like the Windows task bar and Mac Notification Center and also means the resources required to run Trillian are generally much lower than competing solutions.
  3. Our continuous client technology ensures your messages are intelligently routed between devices in realtime, and our network allows logins from multiple devices concurrently.
  4. In addition to being decentralized, our network federates using the popular XMPP protocol. This means you can reach anyone else who speaks XMPP, including federation-enabled internal Skype for Business servers, Cisco Jabber servers, community Jabber servers, etc.
  5. Our network has a great track record of uptime and fast, reliable message delivery.
  6. You won't have to switch to some crummy new piece of software - nobody does it like we do!
I'm a trader and depend on Yahoo for work. What are my options?
  1. Trillian's own IM network is a drop-in replacement for Yahoo Messenger. Simply share your Trillian username with other Trillian users and get started with instant messaging, group chats, file transfers, and more. Learn more about configuring the Trillian client in an optimal way for commodity trading.
  2. Trillian for Business will let your company run its own private IM network powered by Trillian, with full federation to the public Trillian cloud. With this option, you control your users in a way you couldn't with Yahoo Messenger and also gain things like centralized chat history with administrative auditing, policy control over client features, and more. Learn more about Trillian for Business.
  3. Trillian for Business can optionally be run as an in-house server if you wish to completely own your data and Trillian deployment. Learn more about Trillian Server.
  4. Finally, feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.
I'm an existing Trillian for Business customer. How can I reach personal Trillian users to communicate outside of my organization?
You can add other Trillian users to your contact list using the syntax. Once they receive and approve your request, they will appear on your contact list just like the rest of your contacts and you can begin chatting. Note that if your company runs its own Trillian Server you will need to configure federation before this will work. Feel free to contact us directly with questions.
I'm an existing personal user of Trillian. How can I reach other Trillian users to communicate?
Your Trillian username can be shared with your friends in the same way your Yahoo ID was. Once you and your friend add each other to your Trillian contact list, you can resume chatting using the Trillian network!
Can I still check Yahoo Mail with Trillian?
Yes, by adding a new IMAP mail account to Trillian.