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Trillian for Business powers your company's private IM network.
Share messages, images, and files without losing control of your data.
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Your choice of deployment.
Trillian for Business comes in both cloud and in-house editions: let us host your private IM network on our cloud infrastructure or deploy Trillian Server on a machine under your control, optionally tying to Active Directory for user and group import.
Strict policy controls and auditing capabilities.
Decide who can do what with fine-grained controls over third-party IM, file transfers, message history, and more. Administrators also have full access to centralized message history storage for auditing and compliance purposes.
Windows | Mac | iPhone | Android
Great client software.
Trillian has over a decade of development time into its client software: with features like tabbed chats, spellcheck, offline messages, great customizability, hundreds of enjoyable emoticons and much more, Trillian clients are a pleasure to use.
Mobile done right.
Trillian's mobile clients are first-class citizens in the Trillian ecosystem and boast beautiful user interfaces, file and image sharing, access to cloud history, and seamless synchronization with desktop clients to make sure your conversations are accessible wherever you are.
Feature Windows Mac iOS Android Web
Set and view status
Set custom status messages
Set status based on activity (auto-away)
Set status based on currently playing song
Auto-response when away
Save status messages for later reuse
Contact List
Feature Windows Mac iOS Android Web
List view
Tile view
Customize size of lists
Group offline contacts
Sort by status
Sort by alphabet
Dock contact list
Auto-hide contact list
Feature Windows Mac iOS Android Web
Private messages
One-to-many messages (mass messaging)
Many-to-many messages (persistent group chats)
Tabbed chat windows
In-game chat
Customize font style and color
Customize text editor (send message, clear line, send)
Relative timestamps ("5 minutes ago")
Per-message timestamps
Customize timestamp format
Sounds & Notifications
Feature Windows Mac iOS Android Web
Customize sounds for presence and messaging events
Customize notifications for presence and messaging events
Mute sounds when away
Hide notifications when away
Combine similar notifications
Control location of notifications
Hotkeys and automation control
Push notifications
Files and Images
Feature Windows Mac iOS Android Web
Send files
Receive files
Send images
Send screen capture
Receive images
Change file transfer download location
Auto-accept file transfers
Resume incomplete file transfers
Drag and drop support
Drag and drop multiple files to create ZIP file
Chat History
Feature Windows Mac iOS Android Web
Client-side archiving of chat history
Client-side archiving of file and image sending
Change history archive location
Show last few lines of history in new chat window
Dedicated history viewer
History searching