Supercharge employee communication with business messaging
Does your business still rely on texting or cumbersome email chains? Let Trillian's modern and secure business instant messaging modernize employee communication without compromising on security or control.
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Keep your employees off the phone.
Whether you're staffing a call center or simply relaying information between departments, nothing beats instant messaging for quick information exchange. Not having to put calls on hold to ask questions of co-workers results in shorter call times, faster decision making, and happier customers.
Organize important company communication in one place, under company control.
Trillian's centralized chat history means never losing track of important discussions. Searchable group chats become living knowledge centers for present and future employees to draw upon, reducing the need for repeated questioning.
Populate a living company directory.
Trillian's rich support for presence means employees can easily share their status with co-workers throughout the day. On the phone? In a meeting? Out to lunch? Stop relying on subject-line-only emails to announce employee movements and let Trillian's status features instantly keep your company in sync.
Why do businesses choose Trillian?
Easy-to-use Instant Messaging
These days it feels like everyone is re-inventing instant messaging in order to sell you a new way of doing the same old thing. Trillian's user interface is simple and easy to use, ensuring employees aren't wasting time having to learn a new tool.
Group Chats
Organize many-to-many group chats by location, department, or whatever makes sense for you. Persistent group chats help you create a shared knowledge center ensuring your company stays in sync regardless of where everyone is physically located.
File and Image Sharing
Leverage Trillian's iOS and Android clients to securely share pictures. Drag and drop documents into chat windows from the desktop. You can even send short voice clips from mobile devices when you're on-the-go and can't easily type.
Desktop Notifications
Trillian supports a diverse array of notification options to ensure your employees will never miss a message. Show alerts near your clock, play sounds, flash windows in your task bar, or even create custom notification rules.
Centralized Administration
Stay in control of who is allowed to use Trillian and what features they're allowed to utilize with centralized administration. As new employees are onboarded they automatically appear on everyone else's contact list.
Trillian SMS Landline Texting
You have a landline that your customers already know. As an optional add-on, Trillian SMS enables it for texting so that you can send and receive texts right from your computer! Learn more about Trillian SMS.
We have teams on three continents collaborating on a daily basis, and Trillian's ease of use is instrumental in allowing us to easily work together. As a leader of support teams, I also enjoy the admin tools and resulting level of control Trillian gives me.
Kyle Peters Director of Operations at Prialto
Encryption at Rest and In Transit
All connections to Trillian are encrypted using TLS 1.2+. Additionally, data is encrypted at rest at both the disk level (using technologies like BitLocker and LUKS) and the file level (using database-specific encryption methods).
Optional On-Premises Deployment
We're one of the few remaining companies fully committed to on-prem solutions: you can run your own Trillian Server behind the firewall on your own hardware if you so desire, ensuring total ownership of company communications.
Customizable Data Retention Periods
Want an ephemeral communication system? No problem: you can configure Trillian to never persist chat history or shared media on disk, sacrificing some usability for iron-clad guarantees as to where your communications live.
Presence and Unread Indicators
Track multiple conversations with tabbed chatting. Contact status and unread message counts are available at a glance.
Enhanced Messaging
Insert emoji, images, voice clips, files, and configurable text snippets.
Group Chats
Bring teams together in many-to-many group conversations. Group chats persist on the server to give your company a shared knowledge center for both presence and future employees.
Since adopting Trillian, we've been able to eliminate hold times between customer service and technical support, resulting in a tremendous improvement in experience for our customers.
Jennifer Weyant Technical Serivces Manager at New Pig
Frequently asked questions
My company already uses the free version of Trillian. What do we gain by switching to Trillian for Business?
In a nutshell, features and control. New employee accounts will automatically appear on the contact list, centralized chat history gives you insight into employee communication, and strict policy control lets you disable features according to company policy. Businesses also gain access to a chat bot, the Trillian API, optional on-premises deployment, and more.
What is the difference between the cloud and the on-premises Trillian Server option?
With cloud, our servers power your chat network, and with on-premises, you run your own Trillian Server on hardware under your control. In both cases you are free to download and install client software on your own machines: Trillian supports native desktop client software! In addition, our mobile and web-based products are both compatible with the on-prem Trillian Server.
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