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Vacations start with choices: where, when, and how to get the best deals.
SOR Technology (SOR) works with private vacation clubs, corporations, and top resorts to ensure their members enjoy travel options that fit their lifestyle, expectation, and budget. They provide innovative premiums and supportive online user experiences to make choices easier and incentivize return use. As a 24/7 business with multiple call centers and remote employees, a robust and reliable messaging solution is critical to SOR's operations.
The problem
With a significant investment in server infrastructure, SOR prefers to run on-premises software whenever possible and initially deployed a free XMPP server to avoid the high costs of a traditional SaaS solution. While it worked for the most part, it was soon apparent that only the IT staff were willing to navigate the numerous settings required to get client software connected, leaving most of the company in the dark. Worse, without strong cross-platform client availability, employees on mobile phones were forced to revert to SMS. We've all been there: the geeks deploy some whizbang new tool and nobody else can be bothered to learn how to use it!
As a 24/7 operation with local and remote employees, the main core of our business requires heavy communication between teams. The XMPP server solution we deployed worked, but we needed something that was more capable, especially with our rapid growth beyond our local office.
Matt Rhoades Director of IT
The solution
SOR deployed an on-premises Trillian Server to replace their aging XMPP solution. Here are some of the key benefits SOR has derived from their Trillian deployment:
The day we made the switch to Trillian, pretty much everyone agreed that it was a huge win for us and amazingly easy to use compared to what we were using before. Trillian "just works" across desktop, mobile, and web-based devices and our team is happily leveraging all three.
Matt Rhoades Director of IT
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