Viewing chat history

There are two main ways to view previous chat history in Trillian: scrolling back and through the dedicated history viewer. Trillian supports infinite chat history, meaning it will continue to load and render previous messages within a chat window as long as you continue to scroll the window upwards and as long as there is content to render. In addition, the dedicated chat history viewer exposes calendar-based browsing and a search option.

Scrolling back

  1. Click the scroll bar and drag it upwards. As you reach the top of your window, Trillian will detect this and begin the process of loading additional messages.
  2. Use the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard. This is a keyboard-based method that accomplishes the same thing as dragging the scroll bar upwards.

The dedicated history viewer

  1. Click Details in the upper right of the chat window and click View Chat History:
  2. Navigate your chat history using the calendar control or search for specific messages using the search box. You can also view a list of files and images you've shared with a particular contact: