Emoji are small pictures that you can add to your conversations to express yourself and have a little fun while chatting!

Adding Emoji

  1. Click the grey emoji button at the bottom right of a chat window and click the emoji you wish to add:
  2. Or, type the code that represents the emoji you wish to add. If you're not sure, you can type : followed by the first few letters to open an autocomplete menu. Press the TAB key to cycle through the desired emoji from the autocomplete menu:
Trillian also supports conversion of old school emoticons into their emoji equivalents. For example, if you type :) it will be automatically converted to an emoji before being sent to your contact.

Disabling emoji

  1. Click the Trillian button in the upper left of your contact list and click Settings:
  2. Click the Chat Windows section, scroll down to Emoji, and uncheck Show emoji using:
  3. Enjoy a life without emoji, you heartless curmudgeon !