Understanding contacts, groups, and metacontacts

The contact list is where you go to see the status of all of your contacts. To aid in the organization of a large contact list, Trillian supports the ability to move contacts into different groups. Trillian also allows you to combine contacts representing the same person on different chat services together into a single metacontact.


Groups are organization units that exist for aesthetic reasons only. Use them to group your co-workers by department, your friends by your shared interests, or any other methodology you can think of.


A metacontact is similar to a group in that it organizes many different contacts together. The difference is that a metacontact should only be used to group the same person on different services into a single logical entitiy. For example, if Tricia McMillan is your contact on Trillian and also your contact on Facebook, you can combine both of these contacts into a single logical metacontact. In the below example, Ciri combines Tricia's contacts on Trillian and Facebook into a single metacontact: