Changing how contacts are sorted

  1. Click the Trillian button in the upper left of your contact list and click Settings:
  2. Click the Contact List section and click to enable or disable Sort contacts by and then choose a sort method:

Sort types

  • Status. Contacts are sorted by status in the following order: online, away, do not disturb, mobile, invisible, offline.
  • Service. Contacts are sorted alphabetically by service. The services themselves are also sorted alphabetically, e.g. IRC/Apple, IRC/Banana, XMPP/Apple, XMPP/Banana.
  • Alphabet. Contacts are sorted alphabetically.
  • Reverse alphabet. Contacts are sorted reverse alphabetically.
  • Conversation history size. Contacts are sorted based on how much history exists, letting the people you talk to the most naturally rise to the top of the groups they're in.
  • Manual sort. In this mode, no sort algorithm is applied and you can drag and drop contacts to rearrange their order as you see fit.