Trillian supports optional connectivity with the Amion physician scheduling service, allowing you to query your Amion schedule in realtime directly from the Trillian chat window. Your healthcare organization must have an existing Amion account to leverage these features!

Querying Amion from Trillian

  1. Amion can be queried from any existing chat window using a slash commands powered by the Trillian chat bot, Tricia McMillan. Start by sending a query to Tricia using the syntax /amion <query>, where query can be a full or partial name or department:
    Trillian chat window with Amion integration
  2. Tricia will communicate with Amion to fetch the schedule and return the results:
    Trillian chat window with Amion integration
  3. You can optionally click any underlined name within the search results to open a chat window directly with the matching result!


This looks great! How do I connect my Trillian environment to Amion?
Trillian's Amion integration is only available to customers who have purchased the enterprise edition of Trillian. Please contact your Trillian support team to request an Amion configuration.
What is the cost for the Trillian Amion integration?
There are no additional fees associated with Trillian's Amion integration. As long as you are a paying enterprise customer you can configure Amion free of charge.