Trillian 5.5 for Windows Changelog
5.5 Build 19 - December 14, 2014
WLM: Fixes issue with Windows Live Messenger connectivityFIXED
5.5 Build 18 - November 12, 2014
WLM: Contact list not showing up on Windows Live MessengerFIXED
5.5 Build 17 - November 3, 2014
IRC: TLS by default with an option for SSLv3FIXED
Mail: Settings may not load properly with many mail accountsFIXED
Policy: Local policy not working in ProgramData directoryFIXED
Twitter: Crash when using multiple accountsFIXED
XMPP: Listen to SSLv3 preference when connecting using legacy SSLFIXED
5.5 Build 16 - September 30, 2014
Group Chats: Default group chats with name changing disabledCHANGE
Group Chats: Do not show invite only rooms in group chat listCHANGE
Policy: Enable group chat creationFEATURE
Policy: Enable group chat joiningFEATURE
Astra: Offline messages were not being rendered when continuous client was disabledFIXED
Core: Log continuous client messages to disk when cloud history is disabledFIXED
History: "Go to today" button is too short on some language packsFIXED
Message Windows: Close chat after send and disclaimer together may crashFIXED
Message Windows: Ctrl+W should hide if hide on close is checkedFIXED
Message Windows: Do not hide subsequent messages of the same text in group chatsFIXED
Message Windows: Do not use colored names for auto history for private chatsFIXED
Message Windows: Escape should hide window if hide on close is checkedFIXED
Message Windows: Loading up with custom chat view may not show correct colorsFIXED
Message Windows: Media uploads of the same image will failFIXED
Message Windows: Name ellipsises too early on some skinsFIXED
Message Windows: No typing indicator on minimalFIXED
Message Windows: Pastes from Excel should paste as textFIXED
Message Windows: Using global display name improperly for alternate identitiesFIXED
Wizard: Don't show promote window for Pro usersFIXED
XMPP: If user provides a modified hostname, add it to the allowable TLS domain list.FIXED
5.5 Build 15 - September 10, 2014
Connection: Fixed issue with connectivity in certain network environmentsFIXED
5.5 Build 14 - September 4, 2014
Security: ca-bundle.crt can now exist in ProgramDataFEATURE
Crash: Fixed crash related to autocorrectFIXED
Crash: Fixed multiple crashes on exitFIXED
Message Windows: More improvements to simple view's layoutFIXED
5.5 Build 13 - September 2, 2014
Astra: Don't ignore messages from non-contacts on group chatsCHANGE
Yahoo: Use GUID when rendering contact status to message windowsFEATURE
Astra: Fixed crash on failure of group chat list requestFIXED
Contact List: Search and then right click, search will go awayFIXED
Foursquare: Updated to new APIFIXED
Game: Fixed issue when keyboard does not workFIXED
Game: Fixed issue with some games causing a silent exception FIXED
Language: Typo in language xmlFIXED
Mail: AOL certificate warning may show up improperlyFIXED
Mail: Certificate warnings show up multiple timesFIXED
Mail: Crash on global disconnectFIXED
Message Windows: Minimal and Simple disappear in skin menuFIXED
Message Windows: Simple view will use Build 11's column widthFIXED
Trillian: Update display name to match first + last for domain users if not setFIXED
Twitter: Fix for large unicode characters FIXED
5.5 Build 12 - August 11, 2014
Message Windows: Brought back original simple view as "minimal" viewCHANGE
Message Windows: Simple view allows for narrower widthsCHANGE
Message Windows: Simple view does not have outbound typing inicatorCHANGE
Message Windows: Simple view timestamp is lighterCHANGE
Contact List: Losing focus should clear search fieldFIXED
Crash: Crash fixed related to contact list updatesFIXED
History: Searching for a single quote can stallFIXED
Languages: Updated backend to support some missing .xml itemsFIXED
Message Windows: Autocorrect cannot be turned offFIXED
Message Windows: Copying an image from IE may paste in text instead of imageFIXED
Message Windows: Empty links may still be sent after deletionFIXED
Message Windows: Fixed a potential reason for windows maintaining flashing stateFIXED
Message Windows: Timestamps incorrectly remove initial zeroFIXED
Message Windows: Windows are hard to move around on Windows 8+FIXED
Preferences: Skin settings will show two simple viewsFIXED
Sign In: German language will show two online statusesFIXED
Twitter: Some tweets were not showing upFIXED
5.5 Build 11 - July 23, 2014
Change: In-house group chats no longer display disclaimer to its own domainCHANGE
Change: MySpaceIM is no longer included by defaultCHANGE
Change: Skype is no longer included by defaultCHANGE
Change: Sign on/off notifications are now off by defaultCHANGE
Contact List: Mass messaging option in group by service menuFEATURE
Contact List: Organize group chats in group by serviceFEATURE
Contact List: Shows count for private message windows pending messagesFEATURE
Group Chats: Join dialog for public group chats with listing for TrillianFEATURE
Group Chats: @mention supportFEATURE
Group Chats: Trillian group chat support (shared display names, flags, ops/voice, topics)FEATURE
Media: Correct handling of impp-media links in the cloudFEATURE
Message Windows: Mute supportFEATURE
Policy: Local policy can be placed in C:\ProgramData\Trillian\configFEATURE
Policy: Policy updates are now realtimeFEATURE
Policy: Status settings policyFEATURE
Policy: Voice calls can be enabled/disabled in policiesFEATURE
Sign In: Updated sign in windowFEATURE
Skin: Updated simple view FEATURE
Skin: Updated the skin to look more native on Windows 8 when running on Windows 8FEATURE
Status: Do not disturb modeFEATURE
Voice Clips: Show and play voice clips on Vista+FEATURE
Voice: Voice calls enabled for all domain usersFEATURE
Avatars: Avatar generation changed layoutFIXED
Contact List: Cannot delete people on my domain, but on different networksFIXED
Contact List: Deleting a group chat does not send out a remove in group by groupFIXED
Contact List: If two subicons are there, the spacing is wrongFIXED
Contact List: Lots of speed improvements for larger listsFIXED
Contact List: Multi-select favorite for contactsFIXED
Contact List: No white flash when reloading from another deviceFIXED
Contact List: Resetting server group to root does not workFIXED
Contact List: Reloading from another device will make group chats sign onlineFIXED
Contact List: Server group updating is now realtimeFIXED
Contact List: Show domain for group name for federated groupsFIXED
Contact List: Status icons may disappear for group chat windowsFIXED
Contact List: Updated blocked to not be italicFIXED
Crash: Fixed many crashes on exit and sign outFIXED
File Transfers: Clicking close on an outbound transfer may show resend temporarilyFIXED
Group Chats: 1px gap in group chat windowsFIXED
Group Chats: Alerts are missing a line near the scrollbarFIXED
Group Chats: Bubble view for group chats now shows name on topFIXED
Group Chats: Disabling/enabling topic editing midway does not workFIXED
Group Chats: Double click on joining may not close down windowFIXED
Group Chats: Group chats always used the default sourceFIXED
Group Chats: Nicklist can get too wide on smaller windowsFIXED
Group Chats: Nicklist is now on by default for Trillian group chatsFIXED
Group Chats: Nicklist menus are backFIXED
Group Chats: Reconnect button in group chat window does nothingFIXED
Group Chats: Show empty if nothing comes in chat room browserFIXED
Group Chats: When edit is disabled, send button and text still appearFIXED
History: Faster asset loadingFIXED
History: Searching tooltip sometimes get stuckFIXED
Installation: libseda.dll is now signedFIXED
IRC: Ignore list does not workFIXED
LinkedIn: Connected events with private names show incorrectlyFIXED
LinkedIn: Updated to OAuth 2.0 everywhereFIXED
Logging: Show the windows version in the log headerFIXED
Mail: Certificate validation improvementsFIXED
Message Windows: Allow for smaller tabsFIXED
Message Windows: Autocorrect did not workFIXED
Message Windows: Clickable region for ad area is too largeFIXED
Message Windows: Console margins are betterFIXED
Message Windows: Copying the text may not use the colors from the skin for the namesFIXED
Message Windows: Ctrl+f, Ctrl+w, escape do not work if edit box is disabledFIXED
Message Windows: Don't show a 0 in front of the timestamp if its thereFIXED
Message Windows: Emoji size calculation is wrongFIXED
Message Windows: History does not show the right colors for the namesFIXED
Message Windows: Images may have text draw on top of themFIXED
Message Windows: Inline media files show up improperly in bubble viewFIXED
Message Windows: Media images may download instead of showing previewFIXED
Message Windows: Media which is 1x1 should still have a larger minimum sizeFIXED
Message Windows: Some imgur links do not show previewFIXED
Message Windows: Text wraps too early with message items and a larger marginFIXED
Message Windows: Timestamp option %t for localized timeFIXED
Notifications: Location may show up improperly for group chat notificationsFIXED
Preferences: Chat view may not select the correct item on skin switchFIXED
Preferences: Disclaimer text is not editable even if policy is offFIXED
Preferences: Do not hide chat view setting if skins is turned off via policyFIXED
Preferences: Initial settings does not show text correctly on multiple monitorsFIXED
Preferences: Initial settings does not work properly with variable defaultsFIXED
Preferences: Initial settings now has an option to switch to show group chat windowFIXED
Preferences: Initial settings should set up contact and some default button states betterFIXED
Preferences: Show an icon if connected through Linux in devicesFIXED
Preferences: Startup checkbox does not show the correct value with all usersFIXED
Preferences: Updated hover and colors to match the OS better on Windows 8FIXED
Sign In: Account list is alphabetizedFIXED
Sign In: Better error message if someone uses an email address from a webmail providerFIXED
Sign In: Better handling of autoupdate failuresFIXED
Sign In: Guest accounts removedFIXED
Sign In: Hit cancel while SSL alert is up, nothing happensFIXED
Skin: minimum_os attribute for bitmaps and controlsFIXED
Status: Remove shutdown options for status message since its in there twiceFIXED
Taskbar: Update taskbar overlay to show newer status iconsFIXED
Taskbar: Update the count graphic to look different on Windows 8FIXED
Twitter: Certificate validation improvementsFIXED
Twitter: High end Unicode converts incorrectlyFIXED
Twitter: Requests show a number next to the namesFIXED
Twitter: Sometimes tweets are shown out of orderFIXED
Wizard: Do not show interop wizard for domain usersFIXED
Wizard: LinkedIn wizard does not provide the correct redirect URLFIXED
Wizard: Loading screen for wizard will show next/cancel buttons improperlyFIXED
Wizard: Loading up without assets will fail with a black screen and an extra login windowFIXED
Wizard: URL clicking does not workFIXED
Wizard: Updated the sizes of the social account setupsFIXED
Wizard: Window shows up in the wrong spot if sign in window is minimizedFIXED