Trillian 5.4 for Windows Changelog
5.4 Build 16 - April 9, 2014
Astra: Don't assume port 443 until after we've connected due to possible SRV overideFIXED
Core: Delete orphaned Trillian contacts when connecting to a business accountFIXED
LinkedIn: Updated OAuthFIXED
SSL: Fix for OpenSSL Heartbleed VulnerabilityFIXED
XMPP: Don't auto-rejoin group chats twice and check for a NULL nickname possibilityFIXED
5.4 Build 15 - January 6, 2014
Twitter: Fix for crash related to TwitterFIXED
5.4 Build 13 - October 21, 2013
XMPP: Fixed possible crash when handling MUC room errorsFIXED
5.4 Build 11 - October 16, 2013
SEDA: Stop using SSLv3 client hello for compatibiltiy with servers that explicitly forbid itFIXED
XMPP: Fixed issue where contacts weren't signing online after connection in some casesFIXED
5.4 Build 10 - October 2, 2013
XMPP: Option to disable joins/parts in group chat windowsFEATURE
Accounts: Yellow box above connection settings in preferences and wizardFIXED
Group Chats: Tab completion with an @ signFIXED
Mail: Connectivity issuesFIXED
Notifications: Notifications may get stuck when clicking on linksFIXED
Spell: Pasting urls may duplicate with spell checker onFIXED
Twitter: Ctrl/Shift enter for newlinesFIXED
Twitter: Quotation marks around links may become part of the linkFIXED
Windows: Greyscale the blue background for windows 7/8 thumbnails if contact is offlineFIXED
5.4 Build 9 - September 24, 2013
Contact List: Change 'Trillian' group to match domain nameFEATURE
Contact List: Multiple select -> start group chat optionFEATURE
Contact list: Service side groups for domain usersFEATURE
Favorites: Show a favorites group if you have group by service onFEATURE
File Transfers: Adhere to per network file transfer preferences for domain usersFEATURE
File Transfers: Server based file transfers for domain usersFEATURE
Message Window: New media engine based on DNS for domain usersFEATURE
Policy: Policy.ini to restrict functionality for domain usersFEATURE
Policy: Support for updated policies (disclaimers, group chats, mail, images, preferences visibility)FEATURE
Alerts: Differentiate domain and non domain alertsFIXED
Astra: Fix group chat duplication issue during bad clock driftFIXED
Astra: Print proper hostnames on SSL errors instead of always using ''FIXED
Contact List: Better error message and removal of right click option for deleting domain contactsFIXED
Contact List: Docking will now dock easier rather than requiring the mouse to go fully to the edgeFIXED
Contact List: Holding shift will not dock the contact list when draggingFIXED
Contact List: Links that start with https do not get the proper menu in social feedFIXED
Contact List: Server side groups should appear above the contacts if they are on the same levelFIXED
Crash: Crash when organizing frequency/favorites listFIXED
Crash: Fade out windows may crash in certain situationsFIXED
Debug: Updated format of diagnostic logging in some plugins FIXED
Facebook: Some characters are shown incorrectlyFIXED
Group Chat: Overflow does not have an icon for group chats on TrillianFIXED
Group Chat: Update to newer group chat SDK for TrillianFIXED
History: Summary may skip over some previous historyFIXED
IRC: ISON and NOTICE messages appear when connecting to servers that do not support themFIXED
Jumplist: Icon next to exit and rename it to sign off and exitFIXED
Jumplist: Jumplist does not fill up until you open a chat windowFIXED
LinkedIn: Update the OAuth window to fit content betterFIXED
Login: Ability to bypass self-signed certificates on login for domain usersFIXED
Login: Error during sign in as guest, may not provide guest as an option in the futureFIXED
Login: Stuck at initializing directories with certain invalid usernamesFIXED
Login: Updated settings screen with easier to understand DNS overrideFIXED
Mail: Deleting mail on Yahoo does not workFIXED
Mail: IMAP for Hotmail backendFIXED
Mail: Limit the amount of data downloaded per mail messageFIXED
Mail: Marking as spam does not work properly at timesFIXED
Mail: Notifications are shown for unread deleted emails FIXED
Mail: Refreshing the inbox on Yahoo does not workFIXED
Menus: Removed some extra menu iconsFIXED
Message Windows: Better handling of https links for image previewsFIXED
Message Windows: Caching of file sizes and thumbnailsFIXED
Message Windows: Can't right click and save some imagesFIXED
Message Windows: Cursor movement can get sluggish and leave ghosting sometimesFIXED
Message Windows: Do not fall back to if you are running in houseFIXED
Message Windows: Flashing windows may not flash when minimized through the taskbarFIXED
Message Windows: Greyscale taskbar previews for offline contactsFIXED
Message Windows: Group chats do not update taskbar preview properlyFIXED
Message Windows: If a group chat is open, sometimes single chat windows become the group chat avatarFIXED
Message Windows: If a window is not file transfer capable but the medium is, we may still allow drag and drop in certain casesFIXED
Message Windows: Images sometimes draw on top of each otherFIXED
Message Windows: Overflow button for tabs may get stuck at yellow or not show yellow when it shouldFIXED
Message Windows: Update tooltip code to show more data when applicable for media and imagesFIXED
Message Windows: Remove instant lookup for URLSFIXED
Message Windows: Spell check may duplicate words on autocorrect menu fixFIXED
Message Windows: Spell check word replacement does not work with selected textFIXED
Message Windows: Tooltip no longer displays in edit areaFIXED
Message Windows: Troubleshoot may appear on first time with some windows FIXED
Notifications: Notifications not appearing when some apps are loaded on windows 8 FIXED
Policy: Update to the new policy formatFIXED
Preferences: Disable email change for domain usersFIXED
Preferences: Fix up avatar chooser bug on Windows XPFIXED
Preferences: Fully remove knowledgebar FIXED
Preferences: Manage account should be disabled for in-house customersFIXED
Preferences: Immediately save group by setting for contact listFIXED
Preferences: Remove deprecated stretch image flagFIXED
Preferences: Remove promote trillian window for domain usersFIXED
Preferences: Removed SchuelerVZ from account dropdownFIXED
Preferences: Windows avatar is not received on windows 7 and 8FIXED
SDK: Update group chat members request API name syntaxFIXED
Skins: Message item for fileFIXED
Skins: Zorder allowed in message items for colorsFIXED
Twitter: Better displayname / real name in UIFIXED
Twitter: Fixed an issue when settings may not appearFIXED
Twitter: Fixed authentication error in wizard and in account areaFIXED
Twitter: Fixed Direct Message sendingFIXED
Twitter: Fixed issues with Twitter API not workingFIXED
Twitter: Fixed RTs being cut offFIXED
Twitter: Open in browser menu item goes directly to the tweetFIXED
Twitter: Option to hide picture previewsFIXED
Twitter: Twitter lists have dashes when they do not in realityFIXED
Wizard: Don't show save history wizard for domain usersFIXED