Trillian 1.2 for Linux Changelog
1.2 Build 4 - October 9, 2014
Message Windows: Add People menu optionFEATURE
Message Windows: URL right click menuFEATURE
Policy: Realtime policy changingFEATURE
Message Windows: Disconnected message above does not reconnectFIXED
Message Windows: Disconnected message above does not show the correct mediumFIXED
Message Windows: Youtube previews show incorrect right click menuFIXED
Preferences: Account settings do not setFIXED
Preferences: Text hard to read on yellow background with dark themesFIXED
XMPP: If user provides a modified hostname, add it to the allowable TLS domain listFIXED
1.2 Build 3 - September 11, 2014
Astra: Don't ignore messages from non-contacts on group chatsCHANGE
Yahoo: Use GUID when rendering contact status to message windowsFEATURE
Contact List: Faster loading with large listsFIXED
Contact List: Fixed issue with metacontactsFIXED
Contact List: Invalid UTF8 in XML will cause a crashFIXED
Contact List: Size is not remembered between loadsFIXED
Connections: Fixed issue with connectivity in certain network environmentsFIXED
Connections: Non-default identities do not connectFIXED
History: Searching does not work if initial week is emptyFIXED
Language: Does not work properly with Japanese languageFIXED
Message Windows: Fixes for black background issuesFIXED
Sounds: Popping sound during playingFIXED
1.2 Build 2 - August 8, 2014
Crash: Fixed a crash on exitFIXED
Debug Log: Fixed some extra error messagesFIXED
Debug Log: Strip newlinesFIXED
Icon: No tray icon appearing on Mint FIXED
Message Windows: Certain text causing a crashFIXED
Message Windows: Fixes for some black background issuesFIXED
Mute: Mute time may be set incorrectlyFIXED
Preferences: Disclaimer at the top of domain based accounts screenFIXED
Preferences: Disconnect buttons are lined up on devices screenFIXED
Screen Capture: Not working on DebianFIXED
Social: Performing an OAuth will cause a crash on exitFIXED
1.2 Build 1 - July 16, 2014
Avatars: Show initials when avatars are not availableFEATURE
Business: Compatibility with Trillian Server 1.1FEATURE
Command Line: --verbose optionFEATURE
Group Chats: @mention supportFEATURE
Group Chats: Trillian group chat support (shared display names, flags, ops/voice, topics)FEATURE
Message Windows: Animated emoticon supportFEATURE
Message Windows: Convert typed hex colors to show a previewFEATURE
Message Windows: Loading graphic for uploading/downloading imagesFEATURE
Message Windows: Mute supportFEATURE
Message Windows: Support for /topic, /rename, /available, /away, /dnd, /invisibleFEATURE
Status: Do not disturb modeFEATURE
Authorization: Allow authorization approval of yourselfFIXED
Authorization: Remove authorization window if approved or denied on another deviceFIXED
Authorization: Show incoming authorization requestsFIXED
Contact List: Adding contacts does not workFIXED
Contact List: Change the subcontact view for metacontacts to align betterFIXED
Contact List: Do not show the delete option for domain usersFIXED
Contact List: Group chats do not hide when going offlineFIXED
Contact List: Main menu shows group by group after searchingFIXED
Contact List: Make the mobile status score the same as the online status scoreFIXED
Contact List: Metacontacts will show a custom menu nowFIXED
Contact List: Rename option in menuFIXED
Contact List: Show topmost avatar if it exists for a metacontactFIXED
Contact List: Support the delete key to delete a contactFIXED
Contact List: Status message will update based on the session FIXED
Contact List: Support auth status properlyFIXED
Crash: Fixed many GTK warningsFIXED
Crash: Many crash fixesFIXED
Debug Log: Show OS information in the header for debug logsFIXED
Dependency: Debian should be pulling in librsvg2-commonFIXED
Exit: Faster to exitFIXED
Group Chats: Better margins for group chat bubble conversationsFIXED
Group Chats: Default to the online status for nicklist when status is unknownFIXED
Group Chats: Disable renaming if it is not allowed for that group chatFIXED
Group Chats: Group chat avatar will update if someone leaves the chatFIXED
Group Chats: Menu support for nicklistsFIXED
Group Chats: Remove your own name and avatar from outgoing bubblesFIXED
Group Chats: Renamed on another device may not change locallyFIXED
Group Chats: Show avatars only for smaller group chats where avatars existFIXED
Group Chats: Topic will draw over buttons on top if it is longFIXED
History: Calendar view fixFIXED
History: Do not show two of the same history windows for one personFIXED
History: Sped up history searchingFIXED
Login: Move the unable to connect dialog into the login windowFIXED
Menu: Change the text for chat window to chatsFIXED
Message Windows: Change some emoticon text mappingsFIXED
Message Windows: Clicking on the window may not set focusFIXED
Message Windows: Close and reopen may incorrectly draw the chat listFIXED
Message Windows: Ctrl+u to clear the edit areaFIXED
Message Windows: From column changes width based on window size for simple viewFIXED
Message Windows: History does not appear in realtime if downloaded from cloudFIXED
Message Windows: Initial load of the chat window may clip the bubbleFIXED
Message Windows: Mousing over a bubble should show timestampFIXED
Message Windows: On an error during image sending, do not send an empty linkFIXED
Message Windows: Short images may not resize to fit until the window is resizedFIXED
Message Windows: Pasted images may resend the original images on subsequent sendsFIXED
Message Windows: Scrolling down may cause bubbles to draw incorrectlyFIXED
Message Windows: Right click -> send buzz does nothing FIXED
Message Windows: Status messages are no longer printed during initial connectionFIXED
Message Windows: Text may ellipsis incorrectly based on status messagesFIXED
Message Windows: Windows may not hide during file quitFIXED
Preferences: Accounts screen will change height as items are clickedFIXED
Preferences: Backup history is not properly hooked to the device shared APIFIXED
Preferences: Center the disconnect button in the devices areaFIXED
Preferences: Change name/password/email headers are too largeFIXED
Preferences: Change the view of the connection manager accounts screenFIXED
Preferences: Clicking on Preferences menu option will grow windowFIXED
Preferences: deviceClear support for the device listing pageFIXED
Preferences: Do not show identity in accounts screen unless neededFIXED
Preferences: Make service icons off by defaultFIXED
Preferences: Notification preferences can be disabled properly nowFIXED
Preferences: Remove some of the extra title text from account settingsFIXED
Preferences: Show a better title warning for preferences screensFIXED